Buckwheat hulls 0,5kg


When all-grain brewing using large quantities of wheat, oats or other coarse grains the filter bed can become easily clogged, which makes lautering very difficult.

Buckwheat hulls are the ideal solution: they do not affect the flavour at all and can be used to improve the lautering of the mash.

When to use:

  • When using a lot of wheat malt (more than 50%) – wheat malt has no husks, which makes lautering difficult.
  • When using a lot of unmalted grain (flakes)
  • When using rye (rye has no husks either). The filter can become blocked, with no more liquid able to pass through the grain bed.

Use: max. 5% adjunct.

The simplest option is to add the hulls to the mash (especially if using a system that circulates the wort (Braumeister, Grainfather, Brew Monk etc.).

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