PLAATO Digital Airlock




PLAATO AIRLOCK measures every generated CO2 bubble tracking information during the fermentation activity.

You can track your brew alcohol content, the estimated gravity and temperature.

Get unique fermentation analysis reports with the PLAATO app and a WiFi connection.



The PLAATO APP lets you connect one or several units to your interface:

Estimates SG

Monitor how the yeast works its way through the wort. PLAATO measures the exact amount of CO2 the fermentation has generated. Specific Gravity is estimated from this and sent to the app, giving you the opportunity to follow the process first hand.


Know the fermentation activity at any given time. PLAATO uses the bubbles produced from the fermentation to monitor the activity of your brew. By accurately counting every single bubble the process can be fully monitored and is non-invasive.


Generate fermentation reports from every batch. Every batch is unique. PLAATO extracts data and analyzes every bit of information available, giving you extensive insight in the fermentation process. The ‘Advanced’ and ‘Key metrics’- mode is a feature.

Size and weight

Height: 160 mm

Diameter: 44 mm

150 g


Integrated WIFI

3 indicator LEDs to show CO2 pressure

Digital temperature sensor

Communicates with app over the internet


Non-invasive infrared sensors

Tritan® BPA-free high grade plastics

Powered through USB


Provides and stores data about the gravity, temperature and the fermentation activity. Also provides a time-analysis that gives you detailed data about the complete fermentation process.

Other information:

  • Maximum brew volume 50 l
  • Waterproof and easy to wash
  • Shows OG or Plato, Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Needs bungs with 9 mm hole

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