MaltZilla Diamond Grain Mill

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With an integrated high torque motor powerful enough to chew through popping corn kernels with ease. All you will need is to choose your choice of power supply, whether it be the simple Alligator clips to attach to a battery. Or go for the preferred 24v Slimline Power Supply.

The MaltZilla Diamond Mill is quite a different mill design and it’s the first in the world to use diamonds impregnated into the surface of the roller.  These diamonds even after many tons of grain are processed through the mill will stay just as sharp as they were on day one.

The sharpness of the diamonds really draws grain exceptionally well and even when hard products are used such as corn the diamond rollers simply smash it to pieces.

The MaltZilla has 70mm large diameter rollers are double the diameter of many other mills.  The large diameter significantly improve the crush and assist in drawing the grain in better.

NB! This unit does not come with a mounting board and grain hopper as standard and Your choices are DIY from sheetmetal, veneer plate etc or even use large aqua bottles. Also this unit needs separately 12v-36v dc power supply You need to buy individually.





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