Lallemand Servomyces yeast nutrient 10g

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Servomyces is the most unique yeast nutrient available in brewing. It’s a biological substance produced without chemicals or additives. Servomyces is so natural, it is approved for brewing within Germany under the German Purity Law ‘Reinheitsgebot’. Servomyces improves yeast’s ability to incorporate essential nutrients, especially zinc, into its cellular structure.


  • 1 g for 100 litres of wort for fermentation
  • 2 g for 100 litres of wort for yeast propagation

Practical trials have shown Servomyces should be added to the kettle about 10 minutes before the end of the boil. If your brewing process does not require boiling, Servomyces should be added to the wort before adding the yeast.

Tested in breweries around the world, Servomyces has been proven to:

  • cut down on fermentation time, improving process efficiency
  • increase flocculation
  • greatly reduce harsh sulphur notes
  • improve the health and viability of yeast
  • reduce levels of diacetyl at the end of primary fermentation
  • produce faster, more complete attenuations
  • increase yeast production for a better harvest
  • improve the quality of the finished beer