Complete pressure keg set with soda keg

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Complete start set for home brewers wanting to serve draught beer directly from a soda keg. Soda keg pressure kegs, also known as corny kegs or Cornelius kegs, are the ultimate stainless steel pressure keg for many hobby brewers.

A fully fledged and efficient alternative to the time-consuming process of bottle washing, cleaning and filling. Their easily removable, oval lid allows for easy access, making filling and cleaning a breeze. Their solid stainless steel design makes them almost indestructible.

  • brand new, unused soda keg 19 litres
  • fitted with pressure relief valve in the lid
  • pressure-resistant up to 8 bar
  • ball-lock connections
  • new, filled 2 kg CO2 cylinder
  • 1 regulator with 2 manometers
  • 2 quick disconnects
  • tube + picnic tap
  • including detailed instructions


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