Ferminator Basic


Ferminator is a revolution in temperature-controlled fermentation.

With a Ferminator it is now possible to ferment at a precise and stable temperature. At room temperature (20°) the Ferminator can lower the temperature to 0° and raise it to 50°. The height can easily be extended with optional 22cm high expansion modules (buy seperately).

The Ferminator makes is possible to ferment at the precise desired temperature. For example, it is possible to ferment a pilsner or lager at the proper low temperature or an ale at high temperature to achieve lots of desired esters.
The Ferminator keeps the temperature constant during the fermentation process and can of course be adjusted at any time. A constant fermentation temperature ensures unwanted flavour notes can be avoided and that the yeast will go into a hibernation state.
The Ferminator gives you full control over the fermentation and lets you experiment with completely new flavour notes and profiles.

Cooling/Heating Unit
– At room temperature (20°C) the Ferminator can lower the temperature to 0°C and raise the temperature to 50°C.
– Lowers temperature down to 20°C relative to ambient temperature.
– Raises the temperature up to 30°C relative to ambient temperature.
– The built-in fan ensures evenly temperature throughout the Ferminator.
– The control unit is easily programmed and displays the actual temperature and set temperature.
– The temperature sensor can be mounted either on or inside the fermentation unit with a thermowell thereby measuring the precise temperature of the liquid.
– Maximum power consumption: 75 Watts, standby: 1 Watt.

Ferminator Basic
– Dimensions outside: 560 L x 560 B x 651 H
– Dimensions inside: 436 L x 436 B x 531 H
Size fits:
32 L. Fermenter
30 L. FermZilla Flat Bottom

Ferminator is made in EPS.

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