Cascade 6,2% 2019 USA BBC pellets, 100g


The BBC Pure Hop Pellet™ is produced using a finer, more uniform grind than standard Type 90 pellets. A sub-zero process – milling and sieving takes place at approx. -35°C (-31 °F) – to prevent hop resins and essential oils from oxidation. The resulting pellets offer a more intense aroma and flavour.

Cascade is dual purpose hop from USA.

Well suited to just about any ale and lager, its use is particularly popular in American Pale Ales.

Characteristics: Floral, with elements of citrus and notes of grapefruit.

Alpha acids: 4.5%-8.9%

Beta acids: 3.6%-7.5%

Total oil: 0.8-1.5 mL/100g

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