Brewferm Natural Sensation Raspberry 20g

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Making a raspberry beer in an instant has never been easier.

Natural Sensation is a concentrated fruit or herb aroma, available in various flavours and scents. The resulting flavour and scent effect is identical to what you’d get if you added the same herbs or fruits at the end of the boiling process or macerated the young beer with the fruit.

Add these sensations before bottling to bring your beer to perfection. Creates an instant effect and guaranteed consistent results, regardless of fruit harvest. Easy and always available.

Add according to taste; a single package is sufficient for maximum 20 litres of beer (recommended dose: max 1 g/l beer).

– Instantly effective, the dosage can be adjusted immediately after tasting. With traditional herbal methods, flavour is harder to adjust, except by brewing again.
– Concentrated, so that a small dose has a big impact, making it economical in use.
– The extract dissolves completely in the beer. Unlike traditional herbal methods, no herb residue need be filtered out of the beer.
– Standardised product to facilitate brewing beer with a consistent flavour.
– Improved shelf life compared to dried herbs or fruit; product can be stored at room temperature.
– Stable quality for the entire life span (1 year)

Here’s how it works:
Easily add the desired aroma of fruits or herbs and instantly taste the difference. Follow the steps below for a perfect result.
1. Brew (with a beer kit, malt kit or your own recipe)
2. Ferment
3. Taste
4. Add your sensation
    * Repeat steps 3 and 4 until desired result
5. Bottle
6. Enjoy


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