Bentonite, 50g

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Bentonite is a fining agent specially suited to removing haze caused by proteins from wine.It is a type of fine clay which has a negative charge. It attracts particles such as proteins which are positively charged.When irreversibly connected to these particles, their combined size makes them drop out of suspension.Bentonite will pick up some particles usually left behind by positively charges fining agents such as gelatin, albumin & Isinglass etc.Bentonite settles out of the wine so completely that it does not usually leave any residual of taste or colour behind.Hydrated before using. Pour a small amount of boiling water into a bowl and whisk Bentonite-water into a slurry. Mix for at least two minutes, working out any lumps that form. You want a creamy consistency. Cover and set aside for several hours. Preferably 24 hours. The Bentonite will settle, so whisk it into a slurry again before use.


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